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Recent Updates

Malware scanning support for DNAS workloads

Quickly and easily recover the “last known good” backup, reducing downtime while ensuring constant protection.

Single file restore from Snapshot

Quickly recover individual files from backups without having to recover an entire snapshot – providing easier and faster granular recovery.

Incremental backup support for PaaS workloads

Extract incremental data from the workload from the point in time of the previous full backup.


Malware Scanning Efficiency Improvements

Configure the number of concurrent scans to maximize efficiency while tracking the real-time progress of each job.


Integration with Cloud-based SIEM/SOAR

Use the push method to transmit audit events from NBU to cloud-based SIEM/SOAR directly with support for Azure Sentinel.

Automated Recovery of PostgreSQL and MySQL Databases

Eliminate the manual lift of extracting, updating, and attaching databases and instances to PostgreSQL and MySQL when performing a recovery task.

NAS Parallel Recovery from DNAS Backup

Accelerate recovery by leveraging parallel recovery streams to increase the throughput of backup processing.

NetBackup 10.1 - Key Features in NetBackup 10.1

  • Isolated Recovery Environment Enhancements - Eliminate the need for additional infrastructure when isolating and protecting data and use the pull method to move data without the risk of introducing malicious activity from production to an environment.

  • Expanded PaaS Workload Support - PaaS workloads will be automatically discovered across all major cloud providers, and create protection plans autonomously, providing fast and agile support for new workloads.

  • Cloud Object Storage - Scale and protect cloud workloads with efficient and secure object storage support.

  • Kubernetes Data Movement - Application-consistent Kubernetes cluster backup, deduplication, and image duplication for the tiering of backup storage (service lifecycle policies, “SLP”) and Auto Image Replication in containerized environments.

  • Big Data Workload Management - Backup Cassandra workloads while a cluster is active and granularly restore from table or keyspace level.

  • Security and Early Warning Integrations - SOAR/XDR platforms pause or resume data protection activities based on security or maintenance events. Anomaly and malware scan alerts stored within system logs can be ingested easily by early warning systems such as SIEM platforms.

  • Malware Scan VMs and Unstructured Data - Recover “last-known-good” backup at scale with malware scanning and flexible recovery workflows.

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