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As the #1 data protection solution for two decades, NetBackup can protect any workload, scale to any size and type of environment and deliver value in 3 clicks from any administrator.

NetBackup 8.2 New Features

Advanced Cloud Functionality

  • New! Veritas and AWS Better Together helping customer accelerate adoption with:

    • Backup to the cloud

    • Archive to the cloud

    • DR to and in the cloud

  • New! Protecting Petabytes of Data in the Cloud (AWS Snowball or Microsoft Azure)

Expanded Support for Virtualization Workloads

  • New! Agentless support for VMware

  • Red Hat Virtualization

  • OpenStack

Modern Workloads and Integrations

  • Support for Microsoft SQL AG

  • Integrations with vRealize, storage APIs, and other third-party integration platforms including ServiceNow

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