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Powerhouse Systems Cyber-Security Services 

  • Design-Level Security Consulting

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Penetration Testing

  • EMS, SCADA & DCS Assessment

  • Secure VPN Solutions

  • Wireless Network Auditing

  • Remote Access Systems Auditing (Outside in Penetration Testing)

  • Social Engineering and Physical Security Assessment

  • Software Security Controls & DLL Disassembly

  • Compliance Audits including PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes Oxley

  • Administrative Policy Creation, Automation and Compliance

  • Secure Core or Redundant Applications Hosting

  • Intrusion Detection Service and Monitoring

  • Encompassing Risk Management and Business Impact Analysis 

HACKERS are a GLOBAL Issue!!!

This costs business millions of dollars in lost revenue !!!

Call Powerhouse Systems & GET PROTECTED before something happens!!!

 Don't wait another second or wait for a Breach to happen!!

Powerhouse Systems knows that Cyber security protection is paramount importance nowadays, since there are ongoing threats jeopardizing our overall peace of mind & web experience. Virus, Malware and hackers have been getting more sophisticated. No having the right solution can cause even more difficulties in trying to keep all the dangers at bay. Powerhouse Systems can get you proactive instead of reactive. Block threats before they happen and not after!!!  As attackers focus their efforts on gaining persistent access to routers regardless of the vendor,

The Health-Care Industry
Follow the health-care industry Standards is complexed and a job in itself. PHS understands the health care industry is highly regulated down to the last letter and information security is no exception. The HIPAA medical information security guidelines are something that every health care service provider must follow to the letter or face heavy fines. "O' we are a small company; so we don't need that."  That is a misconception all need to be secured and follow the HIPAA & Hi-Tech to the letter. 
Training your staff is the foundation once it's laid out, it is time to tackle the biggest information security challenge and not wait a breach to happen first!

Detect, Alert and Block Breaches Where They Happen Most - On Your Intranet, Behind Your Firewall. NETSHIELD Appliances - Patented, No New Endpoint Software To Deploy - Plug-and-protect.

Identify everything. Block the bad things. Get insured.

Too many small and mid-sized companies know they have network blind spots, but don’t have enterprise level budgets for true network asset detection and device level blocking. At Netshield, we believe small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford NOT to have this protection. Our solutions are affordable, and we are so good at stopping data breaches that we are the only solution in the market that can write you a $250k cyber insurance policy once deployed.  Over half of small businesses will experience a cyberattack, and over 60% that do will GO UNDER within 6 Months of the attack. Instead of asking if you can afford Netshield, the real question is can you afford NOT to have Netshield.

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