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Are you ready for the unthinkable?

One Solution for Maximum
Data Protection and Performance

Cybernetics iSAN Series storage solutions are loaded with onboard data protection features perfect for virtual environments and businesses looking to maximize performance and protection.


What’s in a BC/DR Policy?


MSPs, IT managers, and CIOs understand that, should calamities strike, the bulk of the responsibilities and accountability rest on their shoulders. They must create an executable, clear-cut BC/DR plan, have the appropriate bandwidth and resources ready to implement it, and continuously refine it. Organizations count on their strategies to succeed, and for them to have contingency plans set in place. But all these take a lot of time, effort, and money – and committing less than what’s expected can be fatal.

For this reason, organizations turn to third-party sources to create and implement a business continuity and disaster recovery policy on their behalf. BC/DR policies are not created equal, because they are made to meet the unique needs, capabilities, and challenges of every organization.

To develop a suitable BC/DR, you must identify the following:

    • Scope of the plan

    • Critical personnel

    • Key business areas

    • Dependencies between various business areas and functions

    • The acceptable downtime for each critical function

    • Ways to maintain operations

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