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Document Management with Security

Powerhouse Systems offers Document Management Services.

If this happens to your business are you ready?

Cloud data accumulates constantly. Access and control should keep pace.

As a business grows, so do its data management needs. Different SaaS applications are often adopted by different departments in a haphazard fashion, resulting in corporate data siloed among numerous applications. Potential investigations and lawsuits require certain data retention, internal discovery and compliance measures. Employee turnover is also a huge challenge in many companies and can lead to poor archiving of critical employee data.

To solve these challenges, eFolder offers automated, cloud-to-cloud backup of widely used SaaS applications, ensuring data is fully protected, discoverable, and restorable. With eFolder Cloudfinder, all SaaS data is backed up, full-text indexed and instantly searchable, enabling internal discovery, point-in-time restores, and full data governance. When data from various SaaS applications is consolidated and searchable, IT is empowered in its data oversight and governance roles.


How It Works.

eFolder provides SaaS data management with Cloudfinder. Cloudfinder performs backups of files and data within the most common SaaS applications by copying all cloud data to the eFolder Cloud, where the data is stored, indexed and full text searchable. Data from multiple SaaS applications can be searched, accessed, and restored from a single management console by a credentialed administrator, de-siloing SaaS data and restoring full data governance to the IT department or managed service provider.

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